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  • Baptisms

PCC practices immersion for those joining their lives with Christ. our pastor or other members are always available to discuss this important beginning for anyone with questions. Our church also offers a "New Beginnings" Class when requested for those with questions regarding baptism and what it means to become a Christian.

  • Funerals

In the unfortunate event of the death of a loved one, please call our pastor or a church member so we can be informed of all the necessary arrangements.

  • Hospital Visitation

If you or a loved one has a scheduled surgery or you know of someone who has been placed in the hospital, please contact our pastor or a church member to visit, offer prayer and encouragement, or just to sit with the family during a procedure.

  • Weddings

Due to the historical status of our church, we no longer perform non-member weddings. If you desire to schedule a wedding date, PCC has a Wedding Coordinator who will be glad to assist you in your wedding plans. To schedule a wedding and/or to inquire about wedding date availability, give us a call at 859.918.6011.

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